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Influencers Shouldn't Influence During Strike

Updated: Jan 12

Influencers should keep their opinions to themselves during the SAG-AFTRA strike or face being barred from future membership of the union. With the "Barbenheimer" summer upon us, tongues are wagging more than ever about films currently on release, though influencers should be cautious. SAG-AFTRA says, “influencers should refrain from posting on social media about any struck work regardless of whether they are posting organically or in a paid capacity.”

What is struck work? The SAG-AFTRA strike & Influencers.
What is struck work? The SAG-AFTRA strike & Influencers.

What is struck work? If in doubt, feel free to contact the attorneys at PLF. We specialize in entertainment law and can help actors, influencers, and producers ensure that they adhere to the rules during the SAG strike. Generally, struck work is "all covered services under the Producer - SAG-AFTRA Codified Basic Agreement and SAG-AFTRA Television Agreements and their related agreements." The strike extends to productions covered by any of the following agreements, effective at 12:01 AM Pacific Time, July 14, 2023:

● Producer-SAG-AFTRA Codified Basic Agreement

● SAG-AFTRA Television Agreement (includes New Media)

● SAG-AFTRA New Media Agreement for High Budget Original or Derivative Programs

● Special New Media Agreements

● Low Budget Theatrical Agreement (LBA)

● Moderate Low Budget Project Agreement (MPA)

● Ultra Low Budget Project Agreement (UPA)

Projects that fall under those agreements are 'struck.'

So, if the project you want to promote is 'struck,' don't promote it. To be clear, irrespective of whether you are paid or not to post about a struck company’s project (i.e., struck work) - don’t (if you want to have a relationship in the future with SAG-AFTRA). Arguably, even posting a meme (& there’s a very cool Barbenheimer trailer in circulation) could cause an influencer grief with the union, both now and in the future.

Vanity Fair has a great article that details more of the requirements for influencers. SAG-AFTRA also has a helpful FAQ section on its website.


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